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Dog Toy Piano

Dog Toy Piano

Dog Toy Piano
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The Dog Toy Piano comes in red and is the excitement machine. This is a toy piano that will truly delight your child with its vibrant color and melodic tones. With a stable matching bench and a friendly dog picture, this beautiful toy piano is designed for children aged 3 and older. The Dog Toy Piano is a package of fun, educational and developmental benefits just waiting for your child to enjoy. Piano playing enhances a child’s motor skills, such as hand to eye coordination, and, importantly, encourages the development of musical creativity. The Dog Toy Piano is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy a lot of fun, musical creativity and learning.

Features of this toy piano:
• manufactured to high standards of safety and quality by Schoenhut®
• non-toxic lead-free paint
• 25 wide keys to teach little fingers to stretch properly
• two octaves
• chromatically tuned in the factory
• chime-like notes
• will not go out of tune
• color - red
• stable matching bench
• comes with the FREE Play-By-Color learning system and song book designed to build confidence and basic playing skills

The Dog Toy Piano is a wooden toy piano made from hardwood and hardboard and comes with a sturdy matching bench. This toy piano measures 14 inches high, 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The very stable matching bench measures 8 inches high, 11 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The weight is 20 pounds and the packaging is a shippable corrugated cardboard box for the safe delivery of your new toy piano.

Open a joyful world of fun, musical creativity and learning for your child with the exciting Dog Toy Piano.
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