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Looking to inspire creativity, provide fun or develop motor skills for your child?

Toy pianos are a great way to introduce your child to a wonderful world of musical creativity, fun and enjoyment.  KidsToyPiano.com has a top selling Schoenhut® toy piano that is just right for that special little person in your life.  You can browse our toddlers toy piano range for a baby musical toy piano just right for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 2 years.  For children who are 3 or older, KidsToyPiano.com has an upright toy piano range and a toy grand piano range.

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We do FREE DELIVERY to the 48 contiguous states.  Shipping to most other destinations is available.  Please contact us at service@kidstoypiano.com for a shipping quote.

What do our satisfied customers say?   Tracey from Temecula, California said "Thanks.....I appreciate your info and great customer service."  Catrina from Co. Kerry, Ireland said "I will definitely tell people about your website. Thank you once again for such a professional and quick service."

Click on one of these little stars for great toy piano deals

Click on one of these little stars for great toy piano deals

Our toy pianos

KidsToyPiano.com proudly brings you the best toy pianos at the best prices.  Each Schoenhut® toy piano:
• is manufactured to high standards
• is safe for your child to use in both the way the toy piano has been designed and in the materials used
• is painted with non-toxic lead-free paint and regular tests are carried out to confirm the safety of the paints used
• is chromatically tuned (the notes are one semi-tone apart when the white and black keys on each toy piano are played consecutively)
• is unsurpassed in quality, pitch and durability and the toy piano will not go out of tune
• produces beautiful chime-like notes unique to these toy pianos
• has from one to three octaves depending on the toy piano model
• has wide keys to teach proper finger stretch from day one
• comes with a learning system and song book designed to build confidence and basic playing skills

A Schoenhut® toy piano is both a musical toy and a genuine musical instrument.  Each note is produced when little hammers strike against precision-ground, German steel music rods instead of the conventional taut wires used in full-sized pianos.  That is why our Schoenhut® toy pianos stay in tune all of the time.  Our toy pianos are simply a better way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of music.  

Did you know?

According to studies, there are a number of important benefits for children who are introduced to music at an early age including improved academic performance.  Piano playing has been found to benefit children by:
• helping to develop creativity
• developing hand to eye coordination
• enhancing motor skills
• promoting social interaction
• building self esteem

So give your child better opportunities for their development with one of our Schoenhut® toy pianos.

Free learning system included

Your new Schoenhut® toy piano will arrive with a bonus – the amazing Play By Color Tri-Play Learning System.  Also included is the Learning System Songbook containing a collection of familiar tunes such as “Pop! Goes The Weasel” that can really be played on your new toy piano.  Developed and patented by Schoenhut®, this brilliantly successful teaching system encourages basic music skills to make your child’s experience playing on your toy piano simple and fun.  And we at KidsToyPiano.com believe that is just the way it should be.  We know your child will love it.  Imagine the joy you will feel when you see the happy look on that little face as your child plays their first little song on their toy piano just for you.  That’s the experience we at KidsToyPiano.com want you to enjoy when you buy one of our Schoenhut® toy pianos.

The learning system book and the removable color strip.


     Toy piano with the learning system.


Why buy your toy piano from KidsToyPiano.com?

Because we deliver!

We deliver on quality– Our Schoenhut® toy pianos are renowned for their quality.  We believe there is no better toy piano on the planet.  

We deliver on service – KidsToyPiano.com provides a service oriented shopping experience designed to help you find the toy piano that is just right for your child.  Tracey from Temecula, California said "Thanks.....I appreciate your info and great customer service."  Catrina from Co. Kerry, Ireland said "I will definitely tell people about your website. Thank you once again for such a professional  and quick service."

We deliver on value – We understand that every dollar is important in today’s world so we work hard to bring you the best value for your toy piano purchase.  But don't take our word for it - check out our great sale prices and see for yourself.

We deliver on security- KidsToyPiano.com provides SSL encryption on all transactions so your purchase is totally safe and totally secure.  It is vitally important to us to ensure you have complete peace of mind when you buy a toy piano from us so we use the best security measures available.

Enjoy the experience

We here at KidsToyPiano.com are passionate about the benefits of introducing children to music at a young age.  That is why we want to do all we can to make sure your child has the most wonderful learning, creative and fun experiences that owning a toy piano can bring.  Whether your little star is a budding maestro or is just happy tinkering with a musical toy, we have the right childrens toy pianos for you.  So open a world of possibilities for your child and order your toy grand piano or Schoenhut piano right now!

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